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Everything You Need To Know Before Hiring A Professional Corporate Video Service In Sarawak

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

Nowadays, corporate videos are essential to any company’s branding. Your clients will often form their first impressions in a single viewing of your video. In just a few brief minutes, they can assess your credibility, compare you with competitors, and overall, determine if they like your brand or not.

So… Why hire a professional corporate video service? You know your company brand. In an era of TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube, why spend an absorbent amount of money on an external contractor, instead of doing it yourself?

Short answer: It’s an investment. If you’re producing an official corporate video, it’s going to represent the company in its present defining era. This, now-essential, piece of corporate branding needs to be polished and professional for your clients as well as your own team.

So where do we start?

A Step-by-step Guide

Step 1

Have a look at different video production companies and their portfolios.

Go through as many that catch your eye. See if any of them have the style you’re looking for.

Check for reviews wherever you can. This will give you an idea of their production quality.

Step 2

Begin planning your budget. Ask around for quotations.

Get an estimate from different companies for the scale of your project.

Step 3

You need to know what is your brand.

Do you know what you want and need for your video?

What type of corporate video services do you need?


You know exactly what you want. You don’t need much project ideation. You just need a good team to execute the vision in your head, and that’s great! Knowing more details of what you want to put out in your video is a good thing.


Maybe you’re not sure what type of video you’re looking for.

It seems you need a little more professional assistance.

You’re happy to ask for more creative input. So, you just need to know the key message of your video and the audience you’re trying to reach.

However, it’s also important to consider the abilities and professional opinions of your production team. Sometimes, what we want may not be feasible. You need to trust your team to advise you. Some ideas may not always turn out the way you originally pictured them. In any case, allow your team to weigh in on the best way to work through them together.

Step 4

Explore videos you like to use as references.

This will give the team a much clearer idea of what you’re trying to accomplish.

Feel free to ask for samples of their previous work.

Step 5

Ask for a proposal. After your project briefing, the teams should have an idea of what you’re looking for. Now, you can ask to see what input they have to offer. This is also the time for your production team to study your company and your message. Let them get a feel of the tone you’re trying to set.

Step 6

If you like what you see, it’s time to sign the papers. Let’s get this production started! Make sure to be as clear and detailed as possible. Set realistic goals and deadlines. No one wants to step on each other’s toes so ensure everyone’s responsibilities are well-defined.

Some tips to remember…

#1 Ask the right questions

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. This is your project and you need to know what’s going on. It’s best to get a clear understanding of their work process. This way you’ll know what type of expectations to manage between you and your team.

#2 Don’t compromise your vision for a budget

This video is going to be with you for a long time. So, look at it as an investment. You’d much rather spend a little more money for the professional results you deserve than be left unsatisfied with the finished product.

#3 Personality is important

Take your time to find the right team for your project. You’re going to be working together closely so it’s good to have someone who shares your commitment and vision. Communication is key, which means it’s important to always be on the same page.

#4 Make sure they are reputable

This may seem trivial but there are many corporate video services in Sarawak now. Corporate video productions demand a specific level of quality. So, choosing a team that is reputed for this brand of video would be advisable. They’d also need to be fully prepared with proper advanced equipment.

At the end of the day, you need to find what’s right for you. It’s your personal brand and message. This is the creative partner you will be working with to bring your vision to life.

Personally, Motion Foundry is a video production company based in Sarawak, known for its dedicated team and expansive portfolio. We offer a range of services, including corporate video, short films, documentary, wedding video, event, animations and commercial! If you think Motion Foundry might be the team for you or if you’d just like a quotation, reach out to us now! We’d love to hear from you.

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