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Elements of a Good Corporate Video Production And Why You Need It For Your Business in Sarawak

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

So, you’re looking to produce a corporate video. Why do you need a corporate video production for your business in Sarawak? Moreover, even with a winning concept…

How do you create a truly effective corporate video?

What are the elements of a good corporate video production you should look out for?


A good corporate video needs a distinct purpose and is clear in what it is trying to accomplish. Altogether, there are 10 types of corporate videos. Each type has its own specific target audience, format, and purpose. Figuring out your video type is essential.

Company Profile Video

Promotional Video

Industrial Video

Social Media Video

Branding Video

Testimonial Video

Training Video

Recruitment Video

Internal Communication Video

Event/Conference Video

Corporate Social Responsibility Video

So, which is yours? Not every corporate video production can be targeted to reach everyone. That’s why there are so many kinds. Some are meant to address investors or train employees, many are often for branding to the general public. Whichever it may be, once you’ve defined your audience and purpose, you can carefully curate a video that speaks directly to your target audience.


Corporate video production is caught under the umbrella term as it always remains focused on a specific brand. No matter what, every video needs to ring true to the brand’s identity. Whether it’s for internal or external circulation, a good corporate video always reinforces the brand’s values or mission.

Every corporate video should provide a strong representation of its brand. From the colour palette and the logo design to the mascot and company jingle, it should be instantly recognizable as the brand stands as its unique self.


This is about both invoking emotions and moving people towards action. A good corporate video production or any video for that matter should always engage and compel the audience. There are only so many seconds in a video to condense all the information you want to share.

It’s good to allow certain moments to breathe and allow viewers to connect with the video. It could mean a genuine heartfelt testimony video or a carefully structured story arc for a promo. It works as long as it makes your audience emotionally invested and willing to stay on your video till the very end.


A video isn’t just showing or just telling, it’s both. You need to establish strong visual and audio elements. Simultaneously, you need to keep your video moving as swiftly as possible to hold your audience’s attention. Ideally, you’d have an effortless viewing experience with a natural-feeling flow of content.

You can make all your corporate videos shine. Even the most seemingly dry explainer video can pop with the right work put in. Don’t forget that there’s always a way to inject a little flair while still keeping it professional. Take your time to configure the right blend of visual effects, music, casting, and editing style.


It may sound obvious but it’s not unknown for a business in Kuching, or anywhere in Sarawak, to hire a corporate videographer that failed to meet the expected standard. That’s not to say that only the top-tier production houses should be considered. However, choosing a well-reputed company is valuable to ensure a quality finish to your video.

Remember, your corporate video production is an investment. Leaf through portfolios and research what you need to find the right corporate production team for you. Use your consultation time to work together with your team so you can fully realise your concept. From there, you need to trust your team to complete that collective vision into your polished final product.


Most especially when it comes to corporate videos targeted at the general public, it would be best to make them as accessible as possible. You could include multi-lingual closed captions, transcripts for the deaf or simply be more strategic in your distribution.

Make it so anyone can watch your video!


It’s simple. They’re a tool. Over the years, videos have become an increasingly popular and invaluable tool. It’s a medium that’s compacted with maximum content, easy-to-digest information, and made to be seamlessly shareable.

In 2019, it was found that web users spent an average of 6 hours 48 minutes per week on video screen time. Since then, the popularity of videos has only continued to rise.

A corporate video is also a versatile means of bolstering search engine optimization, driving social media engagement, and ultimately, improving brand awareness. Done well, a good corporate video has the ability to really make an impact on your business in Sarawak.

If you’d like to know more and are seeking a corporate videographer in Kuching, feel free to reach out to us at Motion Foundry. We’re always excited in collaborating with new partners to produce more fresh and impactful corporate video productions in Sarawak! Read more related articles:


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