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Documentaries tell the narrative of real people. There are no lines to know but the script of their lives. Their truths hold the power to illuminate greater understanding and change lives. We have made it our mission to uncover the lost and forgotten voices of many. No story is too small to tell. No adventure too grand to capture.


Browse through our most exciting escapades and discoveries now!

A Taste of Chinese New Year | TVS

We're back for seconds and it's all about those quintessential ingredients you find at every Lunar New Year dinner. As we filmed family after family, we saw each one had their own take of the same ingredient.

Sarawak Untold History | Sarawak State Government

This historical documentary covers Sarawak’s independence from the last white rajah, James Brooke to the Independence of Sarawak. It was a project that brought so much insight into people like our WWII veteran interviewee and the rural lifestyle he practises.

The Framemaker | Motion Foundry

It’s the life story of a man and his vocation to a dying craft of the old world. This story wasn’t one we planned. One afternoon, we came to pass this frame shop on our way from lunch. A friendly Ou Yang welcomed our curiosity and just started having a chat. Before we knew it, we were filming this short.

Rural Electrification Masterplan | Sarawak Energy Berhad

Thanks to the efforts of organisations like Sarawak Energy, more homes can be powered by solar panels. Without a steady power supply, our batteries needed charging in the car! However, there’s no denying the brilliant novelty of the simple life 4 hours outside the busy city.

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