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There are many ways to tell a story or profess an earnest message through videos, often film. But what about animation? You can plan each frame to perfection. Inject colour and motion into your content without limits! If you can imagine it, we can do it.
See how we revamp the animation service in Sarawak through our service! Have a sweep through our reels now!

Legacy Impact | Business Events Sarawak

Whether you’re a government or corporate affiliate; business event planner or partner; it’s all about creating a real change for everyone. There was a bit of a rush but with the client happy with our end result, we couldn’t be anything but pleased.

Sia Sitok | Sarawak Tourism Board

Bringing double to fun for half the price! It’s all for the taking at a limited time only! The only thing more quick and punchy than this video style was the 3 days it took to throw it together! It’s a format we wanted to invoke a sense of urgency that's still poppy and fun.

Entry to Sarawak SOP | TVS

Find all the information you’ll need for safe travel in one convenient video. Whether you’re flying domestic or international; foreign or local. We worked hard to incorporate such typically overwhelming doses of information to be concise and simplified.

Pathway To A Brighter Future | Sunway College

Everyone has the power to make their life more purposeful, to learn new skills and deepen your knowledge. It’s what Sunway College stands for. That’s why we wanted to create an animatic that conveyed this youthfully eye-catching style.

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