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Short Film

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It’s widely known that there’s nothing quite as memorable as a good story. As an experienced local film production company in Kuching, Sarawak, we believe films have the power to move people; inspire compassion; even change hearts and minds. Whether you’re sharing a memory or stirring up a new one, there’s no medium to connect with your audience better than short films in
Let us help tell your story. Have a flip through our filmography now!

Sarawak Tourism Board Chinese New Year 2022

After New Year’s Eve with the rest of the world, we move right onto Chinese New Year not long after. Then, even with some early morning schedules and lion dances, we were glad to have such an enthusiastic group of talents that brought an uplifting sense of fun to the shoot.

Sarawak Tourism Board Christmas 2021

There’s nothing quite like Christmas time at STB; days are more jolly; seasonal Christmas jingles spark joy on every corner. So, we decided to go for something more playful, brainstorming some uniquely hilarious scenes for this seasonal special.

Deputy Premier of Sarawak Dr Sim Raya 2022

As phases of the endemic approach, we can finally celebrate this Hari Raya season reunited with our loved ones. Our cast and crew still took every precaution to make this production a safe one. Now is the time for everyone to move forward together.

Deputy Premier of Sarawak Dr Sim’s 7/22 Sarawak Day

To Sarawak, it’s a day to commemorate, not only our founding fathers; but the people that live and breathe in our homeland now. That’s why it meant so much to us, to be able to get this project off the ground. We landed on the concept of a poem.

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