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What To Expect From Your Event Service Company in Sarawak: Before, During And After

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Whether you’re a client or event organizer, you’ll know that orchestrating an event requires weeks, sometimes months of planning and extreme attention to detail. That’s why you need to make the most of your event video production team. Without them, there’d be no one to capture this memorable affair.

When all is said and done, what was the story of your event? What kind of experience did you want to leave your patrons? Hosting your event is one thing but documenting this part of your personal or professional history is another. You need to know exactly what to expect from your event service company in Sarawak: before, during and after.


The most valuable time on your hands is the days leading up to the event. After booking your event planning service, venue, and vendors, you need to brief your event video production team. In the unpredictable setting of an event, your team needs every bit of information possible to be prepared for anything.

First and foremost, they need to know the details of the venue. Your production team will need the proper authorisation to conduct a location scout. They’ll need this time to gather all the necessary intel; plan the optimal lighting and camera placements, and locate all the electrical outlets needed for equipment. Another thing to be mindful of is all the decor and structures being hauled in. This is to take note of any potential obstructions that could affect the composition and lighting.

Knowing whether the event is indoors, or outdoors is another vital factor. Outdoor events carry the same caveats as indoor events on top of their own challenges. Things like managing electrical outlets and the fickle weather affecting the lighting and sound would be especially challenging - especially in Sarawak. On the other hand, they can be advantageous as their natural surroundings can serve as a built-in backdrop; giving your event video service company more picturesque shots to capture.

Once there’s been a good review of the location, you should provide the team with the event’s itinerary. This will help prepare them to capture peak performance moments that tell your event story. Additionally, citing the number of attendees would be helpful to your team in anticipating potential disturbances or excitements. Remember: it’s all about being prepared for unexpected hiccups, particularly anything that compromises the quality of the video or audio.


It’s the day of the event. While you’ve prepared the event itinerary for your team, there could have been changes from vendors left and right. Performances could have been cancelled. The guest of honour might be arriving late. Certain decoration pieces could have been rearranged or replaced altogether. Whatever the case, there needs to be a clear channel of communication between your event service company and your event video production team.

Upon their arrival, your team will need to begin setup for their equipment. Depending on your event, you may need to provide special access passes so they can manoeuvre freely as they’re catching each valuable shot. Don’t forget to direct them to the entrances and exits too. From this, your team can get a jump start on filming the establishing shots they need to TELL YOUR EVENT STORY

Ask yourself, “What was the impression you wanted to leave for your attendees?”, “How can you shift the lighting as this guest of honour arrives?”, “Why save this special performance for last?”. From the progression in music and lighting to presentations and performances, it’s all part of the narrative of your event.

A few helpful tips to remember…

#1 Delegate roles clearly

Everyone has their part to play in the grand scheme of your event. With so many moving parts, micro-managing is not advisable. You need to make sure each team is clear on what role they’re playing. Assign a leader in every department necessary and allow them to delegate from there.

#2 Roll with the punches

Event production is all about predicting the unpredictable. There could be weather interference or malfunctioning equipment. So, always have backup plans on backup plans at the ready. No matter what happens, stay calm and communicate. Your team can adjust their filming accordingly.

#3 Remember your story

Never forget that your event has a story. Through the organisation of it all, you hired your video production team for a reason. Whether you’ve got a narrative in mind or you’re leaving it to your team, consider every detail in your vision and what you want for each chapter.


It’s done! You’ve checked every item off your list. All the guests have left. Everything has been packed up. The only thing left to do is patiently wait for the first cut your team has set to deliver. You can eagerly look forward to viewing your event from a completely different perspective and enjoy the playback of this MEMORABLY MEANINGFUL EXPERIENCE.

If you are looking for a event service company in Sarawak to catch the memorably meaningful experience, feel free to get in touch to learn more on our live event service!

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