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How Hiring Animation Services Can Positively Impact Your Business In Sarawak

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

What is animation? What do you think of first? Is it your favourite childhood cartoon movies or TV shows? Do you picture the latest Disney/Pixar film to hit theatres? No matter where you came from, everyone has had an association with animation; which is why it’s become an increasingly popular marketing tool in recent years.

In today’s competitive professional landscape, you need every tool in your shed. People used to be crazy about still memes and photo collages, but now animated stickers and GIFs are all the rage. Even in its simplest day-to-day form, it's clear that animation makes people feel connected and entertained.

That’s why it’s important to understand how hiring animation services can positively impact your business in Sarawak.


A business is a long list of costs. When it comes to video production, time is money. If you were to hire a traditional video production service, there would be costs with each day of location scouting and filming. By contrast, animation can allow you to use a single voice actor instead of an entire cast of actors. Thus, making it a more convenient and cost-effective option.

Content can be updated quickly and easily. Instead of reshoots, all you need are a few tweaks in your graphics or a single vocal recording session. Furthermore, research has shown that even simple whiteboard animations can contribute 68% better return on investment than Google ads. Imagine what you could do with a really spruced-up animation!


Remember: Cartoons aren’t just for kids anymore. Animation has more colours, more movement, and a strong ability to control its emphasis. Explainer videos are 64% more likely to convert a visitor than text alone. Therefore, developing a strong creative vision is integral in shaping that lasting brand impression you’re looking for.

Investing in animated content can unlock limitless creative freedom. Whether it’s another helpful how-to video or your next corporate branding video, each animated video is an opportunity to show off your uniqueness and authenticity. The detailing in corporate palettes, design style, and overall ethos can all be introduced to TELL YOUR BRAND’S STORY


Animation is the best medium for adapting a message. You could take any dense chart of data or a sophisticated product, and translate it into a more simplified visual explanation. This would prove especially advantageous for businesses that need to convey complex messages and unique selling points.

A video presenting a lot of statistics could create an engaging animated character to deliver its message more entertainingly with supporting infographics. You could also employ classic storytelling techniques to tell your unique brand story in an other-worldly setting. 97% of marketers found that people understand a product or service better if the explanation is video-based.


Unlike traditional filmmaking, animations are not constrained by real-world limitations. There are no rules of gravity, space, or light. Every feature of an animated character can be altered. Every facet of the environment can be modified. All you need is the right animation service team to develop the best concept and narrative for your brand.

Regardless of 2D or 3D animation, they each have their own branch of boundless creative potential. 3D animated space has additional dimensions that could be valuable through the application of product explainer videos. Whereas, more abstract and theoretical content like physics may not need the same treatment and could do with a straightforward 2D animation.


Ultimately, animation has become a popular marketing tool in recent years because it entertains and connects with people. The easy-to-digest nature of animated videos just makes for more engaging content that has been proven to boost search traffic, search engine optimisation, and backlinks.

There’s truly no tool more cost-effective and optimized for updating information.

By investing in an animation service, you can explore countless ways to positively impact your business in Sarawak. It’s even been forecasted that the market value of the animation industry will surpass $587 billion by 2030.

So, if you’d like to start investing in the future of animation, feel free to reach out to our animation service now! We’ve been in the animation game for a number of years now and are always happy to collaborate on new projects!

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