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Why Getting The Right Wedding Videography Service And Package Is Worth It

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

What do you think of when you hear the words “wedding videography packages”? Do we even have any professional wedding videographers, to begin with? Isn’t it very expensive? Why would I need a video when there are already going to be photos?

Videos Do What Photos Can’t

Wedding videography packages in Sarawak have only just started to become more essential to photography. Sure, a photograph can get that beautiful shot of the blushing bride floating down the aisle. You can get at least one shot of every guest. You could also get that instant the groom’s smile lit up when the wedding march began.

However, a video can let you hear the sound of the crowd murmurs when the bride finally makes her entrance. You can play back those unforgettable moments. It could be those highlights of bumping moves from the party dance floor, but also those nerve-wracking seconds leading up to the ceremony when you see the groom nervously pacing in anticipation.

While you could remember those memorable heartfelt speeches or those jokes your friends were cracking all night, only a video can bring those moments back to life. With a wedding video, you can see and hear every genuine word meant in its rawest form.

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It’s Okay To Be Nervous But It’s Worth It

Not everyone is comfortable in front of a camera and that’s okay! You may be nervous about having a camera crew following you around. Maybe it makes you feel like you need to be aware of how you’re acting. What if you don’t look good? What if you’re not smiling enough? The truth is it doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you have a good time and the videographers will make sure to capture that. It’s not about looking good but remembering those cherished moments that made the day uniquely yours.

Soak up this momentous day that will soon be a distant memory. You’ll soon wish to remember those painstaking details you worked so hard on for your wedding. You can look back on the incredible buffet everyone was enjoying that night. You can pause to admire those beautiful floral arrangements you worked weeks to put together. All that effort put into this one day is worth remembering.

Brandon & Qui Min Wedding Highlights

Will You Actually Watch Your Wedding Video?

Yes. This was your wedding day! Of course, you’re going to reminisce! You may not watch it frequently, but there will come a time when you’re talking about it. Your family or friends will poke and tease you about the events of the day. So, what better way to settle it than with actual proof on video?

It’s also important to understand just how quickly those memories fade. Your wedding video isn’t just an important keepsake. It’s a time capsule. Never again will there be a day as lovely and picturesque as your wedding. This one video could give your future children or grandchildren a piece of your story.

Vincent & Sapphire Wedding Highlights

So, What Does It Really Mean To Hire A Wedding Videographer?

It means trusting in the process and your videographer. It means investing in the memory of your wedding day; but ultimately, it means documenting this opening chapter of your great love story; to have something that takes you back to when you first promised to stand by each other.

Ever so often, when life gets a little too heavy or complicated, a simple video could be just what reminds you of all the possibilities. Sometimes, we just need a glimpse into the past to appreciate our present and remind us there’s hope for the future.

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