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What To Expect From Your Wedding Videography Service in Kuching: Before, During And After “I Do”

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

A lot of work goes into a wedding day. Of all the things you have to check off your list, the wedding videography service is one you need to be mindful of throughout every phase: before, during and after “I do”.

From the moment you decide to hire a videographer, it’s a grand array of questions, planning and decision-making. Keep in mind, hiring a wedding videographer also means lending them your trust. You’re there to have a good time! They’re there to capture it.


The preparation before the day itself is the heaviest and most crucial phase. Remember that part of the wedding videography service you’re paying for is the consultation. This is the time for your team to collect as much information as possible on your wedding day. Location, schedules or headcount, every little detail could be that much more help to your videographer.

At Motion Foundry, we've always been a big believer in getting to know our clients and helping them select the right package. Simpler weddings may be recommended in a documentary style to better capture the intimate affair. Certain weddings have unconventional timing and can’t be accommodated with a same-day edit. In any case, it’s not about the most extravagant package but the one best suited for your special day.

Another aspect of the consultation is the briefing. Our team has shot thousands of weddings over the past decade, in and out of Kuching city. We’ve seen just about every kind of wedding day hiccup possible; from flower girls or ring bearers getting stage fright and refusing to walk; to members of the wedding party marching down the aisle too quickly. Nothing will ever go exactly according to plan, which makes it all the more important to prepare couples in our briefing and contingency planning.


Despite all the planning made beforehand, the day itself will often require some information updates. In the midst of so many vendors and organizers, things are bound to get mixed up. It’s all about communicating and making sure everyone is on the same page. Relaying the littlest bit of intel can help your team make the best out of any situation, no matter how unpredictable.

It’s no surprise that not everyone is comfortable with cameras. This is nothing new. The good news is your chosen videographer has their style and procedure all ready to direct you. There’ll be a few mindful tips here and there, but rest assured, it’s part of your wedding videographer’s job to minimize the pressure. Just lean into it and embrace your day!

Consider them a friendly fly on the wall. Everything you experience on your wedding day is for you to live in the moment. Your wedding videographers will be there to help you make a memory of it. It’s a day made to live and be remembered as UNIQUELY YOURS

A few tips to help you along…

#1 Be careful in your wedding attire

This especially applies to outdoor weddings – Kuching climate or otherwise. Brides, be mindful of your dresses and the train trailing behind you. A shot of the dress is quintessential. That beautiful spotless white dress needs to be taken care of. So, look out for dirt and unflattering creases.

#2 Take your time

There’s a lot to capture for this grand occasion of a lifetime. Whether you’re marching down the aisle or going in to embrace your partner, you should always be taking your time. Take a slow calm stride and be gentle to your partner’s embrace. There’s no rush.

#3 Don’t forget to smile!

It’s a happy day! While it’s been stressful to plan, the day has come for you to finally enjoy it. We’ve seen time and time again when the nerves begin to take over. Remember why you’re there and what it’s all been for. Let that beautiful smile shine!


The hardest part is over! Yes, this wonderful, stressful, memorable and happiest of days is over too. In an instant, it was all done. Now, all that’s left is eagerly waiting for the final cut. Your wedding videography service will have informed you of the expected time frame. Be it the same-day edit, the ceremony highlights, or a full-length documentary, you can look forward to this lasting MEMORY OF A LIFETIME

All in all, don't let your wedding memories fade away! Contact your trusted wedding videography service in Kuching today to capture every precious moment of your big day. If you are uncertain about it, check out our wedding portfolio and book a consultation with us!

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