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Why Everyone Needs A Wedding Videography Package: A Wedding Videographer’s Story

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Weddings are expensive. Hundreds of thousands are spent on a single grand celebration of love. Venues, catering, flowers, attire… Unsurprisingly, hiring a wedding videographer can seem like an unnecessarily flashy expense. All this money and work put into this unforgettable day. As a wedding videography service Kuching, we’ve had many couples pass by. Once in a while, we meet some that are more on the fence than others but there was one particular client we’ll always remember.

It was many years ago. We met them at a café. The groom was more inclined about hiring our services. However, the bride was just a little more hesitant. The thought of spending such a significant amount of money on a wedding videographer was daunting. The wedding was already so costly. It just didn’t feel worthwhile. Furthermore, they had already hired a photographer so having photos felt enough. We were wholly sympathetic to our bride but that’s exactly why we understood that this was a ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME CELEBRATION

This was going to be a memorable day for them to look back on for years to come, and they just needed to be reminded of that. They eventually agreed. We shot the wedding. They thanked us for their wedding video and we went our separate ways. That was until a few years later when we received a call from out of the blue. It was the groom, now-husband, that rang us up. We hadn’t met since the wedding.

It turned out their original copy on CD had been corrupted. He called in the hopes we would have a digital copy backed up. As it turned out, we did. Actually, we had digitized and migrated the entirety of our videos to one centralized system. So, we gladly sent over the backup copy.

Some years had passed since the wedding so we thought we’d have a casual chat to catch up on things. He spoke of their daughter and newborn son. Then, he paused. His tone shifted. He began talking about how much he wanted to express his deep gratitude for sending the backup copy. It was at that moment he told us. His wife had passed away after giving birth to their son.

Naturally, this came as a devastating shock to us as we gave our condolences. He thanked us for the sentiment. Then, he said he also wanted to thank us for talking him and his wife into choosing the wedding videography package all those years ago. They didn’t keep all that many videos back then. You couldn’t record videos on your phone as easily as you can today.

He said that because of this wedding video, his children would know what their mother sounded like. They would know the sound of her laugh. They could see a version of her beyond still photos. With this treasured memory, his children would have a piece of their mother forever.

This is why we do what we do. This is what drives us to always deliver our very best. It’s why we insist on so many couples getting a video package. With so much that is lost in our world, there’s always love to be found. In this digital age, we are so blessed to be able to capture memories to rewind and relive. Now, we can always take comfort in those


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