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A Shot in the Dark-er

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

It started out like any other production: a very current, light, and bright concept complete with an elegantly modern scene set. That was until our director, Ken, was inspired to give our pre-wedding promo shoot a creative stretch.

Not only was it our first time out at the breathtaking Ironwood Valley but also our first collaboration with the fabulous wedding gallery, La Bella Sposa. We had such a great time working on the wardrobe together and can’t thank them enough for recommending this venue to us.

It was gown after gown before we finally saw it: a 1970s vintage wedding dress. As we fitted the gloves and other accessories, suddenly it made sense. Once we matched the groom, that was it. However, there was a slight challenge in matching the second, more modern, evening dress into our newly conceived classical theme.

Then came a dark cloud… literally. We could’ve packed it in and returned another day. Only, there was something about the clouds and gloom of the atmosphere that caught Ken’s attention. He couldn’t help but wonder…

What if shooting in the dark could be better than light? How could we play with that blueish hue? Why not invite shots of dark and blurry grains? It may sound strange but then again…


Everything slowly came together. We slowed down the camera and leaned into the old-fashioned grainy style of traditional filmmaking. Ultimately, we just had a lot of fun with the contrast of visuals that became part of our theme.

Anyone can find beauty in the world around them. Sometimes it’s just there waiting for us to notice it. It’s often why the things we least expect turn out to be our source of


Curious to see the final cut? Check out the full video now!

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