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The things we do for love...

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

It was about time for Adhi and Krystle to finally make it to the altar. In such contentious times as COVID, we could at least take comfort in the sentiment that love can still always prevail.

After two long years of waiting, everyone was simply giddy with excitement. Our bride was gleefully singing the whole morning to the tunes of yet another new TikTok chart-topper. With a smile so bright and beat so infectious, our director Ken was amused as well as inspired to make it a part of their story. The sheer energy and hijinx in anticipation of the ceremony left only pure delight. Everyone barely noticed the cameras, making each moment that much more beautifully genuine.

Ceremonial wedding highlights play an important part. Seeing as not everyone can always be invited to attend the ceremony, having a highlight reel gives everyone a piece of the experience. It’s a way WE CAN STILL SHARE MOMENTS

That’s why tiring as it may be, seeing the joy and warmth in their hearts makes it all worth it. Not unlike Adhi and Krystle’s long wait, sometimes it’s worth doing…


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